Enrolment Matters

Enrolment will start on 18 March,2022 (PM). User account will be activated from 17th March, 2022. Please contact us if you have any issues logging in.

Registration Matters

i. Welcome to Fullerton's Migrant Workers Primary Care Plan Program. To enrol migrant workers into the plan please register your company. Please register your company HERE..
ii. Please download Letter of Authorization which is to be filled and uploaded in the portal during submission of your request. Click Here to download Letter of Authorisation. Follow the same naming sequence for the file as stated in downloaded file.
iii. Please refer to the registration guide, if further clarification is required, please reach out to the team at mcmw.gulcircle@fullertonhealth.com. To Download guide Click Here

GIRO Matters

i. For companies who have yet to submit their GIRO form, please check the form and help us amend the account number to 0725875196 (I.E. part 2 of the form, under billing organisation’s account number) if it indicate otherwise. For those that have submitted the forms already, our finance team will advise again on what to do next. We apologies for any inconvenience caused. To Download the GIRO application form guide Click Here.

Telemedicine Guide

i. Please download the guide and share with your employees how they can use the telemedicine application. Co-payment sum is capped at $2.00 per visit. Please note that this is restricted to the workers staying in Sector E. To Download the guide Click Here.