Please be informed that our flu vaccination exercise for migrant workers has commenced since 1st April 2023.

We encourage all employers to prioritize the flu vaccination for your migrant workers, particularly those residing in dormitories to safeguard them against current virus strains.
Immunised migrant workers can enhance company productivity by maintaining better health and experiencing fewer instances of illness.

Cost of vaccine (excluding GST):
$25.00 per pax for PCP members
$30.00 per pax for non-PCP members

To arrange vaccination for your workers, please download the excel list HERE
Fill in the worker’s details and send it to
Our team would schedule their vaccination appointments.


 1. Register your company profile HERE..
    Please download Letter of Authorization template required for company profile registration.     Kindly fill in and upload the Letter of Authorization in PDF format.
    Letter of Authorization Template
    Company Profile Registration Guide

 2. Please send us the signed services agreement for us to process and approve your company profile.
    Kindly rename the file as your Company Name and send the full file to us at

    Services Agreement Template
    Page 1
    – Effective date should be the same date as company profile registration date
    – fill in your full company name & UEN (as per ACRA)
    – fill in your company address
    Page 8
    – fill in POC name, company name (as per ACRA)
    – Signature of POC, Company Stamp


Once company profile is approved, please login and upload your worker’s details on the portal to enrol them as active PCP members.
Enrolment Guide.

GIRO Application

Please fill in the GIRO application form and send the soft copy via email to our finance team for review
Our team will advise for you to mail us the physical hard copy of the GIRO form for processing once reviewed.
GIRO Application Form
Guide on how to fill in GIRO form

Telemedicine Guide

1. Please download the Telemedicine Guide and share with your employees on how they can use the telemedicine application.
2. Co-payment sum is capped at $2.00 per visit.
3. Please note that this service is restricted to the workers residing in Zone E (postal code beginning with 62 or 63)
4. Workers not residing in Zone E will be rejected on the application during the telemedicine registration process

For further enquiries or clarification, please email us at

Workplace Outreach Wellness (WOW) Programme

Wellbeing of the employees is the asset of a company!

Health Promotion Board has initiated a programme called the Workplace Outreach Wellness (WOW) Programme which supports all private companies in introducing effective workplace health promotion offerings to kick start or complement existing efforts to build a healthier, productive, and a more engaged workforce throughout the year.

There are programmes such as Basic Health Screening and Coaching, Mental Wellbeing, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Ergonomics - all on a co-funded basis! This applies to all companies incorporated locally and caters to all the employees if their payroll is tied to the company that is onboarded on WOW.

For more information, please contact